Family photo!

It’s family picture time again! How many times has your spouse or kids heard that?

Well mine always seem to want to hide lol! But here the reality of it is I’ve always been that mom who goes out and buys matching outfits, gets everything ready for that picture perfect day and spends time making sure everything is just right. Well, as we all know when the days comes it is complete chaos! It’s like the kids know the day is here and Their going to throw a fit, mess up their hair, not smile and fight with their sibling.  

After all the family photos I look through over the years its not the perfect ones that I’m so in love with. Don’t get me wrong, they are all special in their own little way to me, but the ones that aren’t the perfect pose or perfect smile are the ones I love the most. They are real and show they true beauty of what makes our family unique and amazing. I see the happiness in my children, I see their individual personalities, I see how they love just being themselves.  

It’s all the little imperfections that make a great family picture. To all the parents out there trying to get that much coveted “PERFECT PICTURE “, just relax, take a deep breath, and know that as you look back at what at the time seemed like chaos, you will see the most beautiful pictures and the chaos and little imperfections is what you will love most. Enjoy the real picture of your kids. These little things are what makes them who they are.

Enjoy them because when your able to get all your babies to stand still for that perfect pose, it more than likely means they are no longer babies.  vancepartyof5.IMG_2146


Homeschooling journey


homeschool to some can be overwhelming. I’ve been homeschooling for 6 years it’s been so rewarding and a wonderful journey. We as mom don’t always have the answer we have to trust in our faith to know it’s the right thing. We hear a lot of negative things towards the homeschool community. We really have to just turned the other cheek and know what we our doing is the best things for our kids. We will look back on this and know we made a huge impact on our kids life’s. Homeschooling in our house is pretty simple but very organized. We like to make things simple in our school. I’m very picky about what curriculum I pick for my kids It don’t have to be the most expensive or anything special but what I look for is What Taylor’s  to my kids needs every kid has different needs and once you find that you have found the key to a successful year and years to come. The day in our life again is pretty simple we don’t try to mock the school systems we have school in the morning or afternoon just depends on our day. I usually have a goal that I want to see them learn that day and if they get it then we can wrap up the day. We will read a lot that’s very important to our day. I’ve always had a love for books and instilling that in our children was important to me. Look we can’t always pleas the world around us we can’t always fit in with everyone. We have to really focus on what works for our family and put our kids needs first. You will find your homeschool mommy tribe. You will have a successful homeschool. You will have great learner. You have to have patience and really listen to your kids to figure out what learning needs they have. If your a parent you can teach your child anything. Blessing from vancepartyof5


Simplify our lives

This is just what we need to do as moms “just simplify”. Yes that sounds easier said than done. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of trying to take on to many projects and end up overwhelming myself until I find myself in a tizzy running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I’m making a conscious effort to realize that the dishes can wait and the laundry will still be there if I don’t do it this moment. I’ve instead started leaving these meaningless chores to run outside and make memories with my kids. To watch them laugh, to be there for the first time they make it across the monkey bars or learn how to hop on one foot. Those are moments that are priceless and so much more important than anything Else I could be doing with the precious time we are given with our babies.

Im also learning to lean on God and ask for his help when I know there are chores to be done but my little ones want and need my attention more. They see everything we do and we are setting an example for the people they will one day become. I want my kids to look back and say my mom always had time for me no matter what.

We can’t do it all. That’s not what God intended for us as mothers and that’s not what our children need. In today’s world where social media sets unrealistic expectations of what perfect looks like, it is easy to feel your not doing enough. You see so many post from friends, co workers, and even family members talking about how perfect their lives are and posting a well groomed picture of themselves enjoying a grande Carmel macchiato after they just finished running 5 miles and before they go to help feed the needy. REALLY!!

If we really focus it is pretty simple. We all need to live our lives for God and our family. Make those memories, leave the stuff for later, it’s just stuff. Listen for the giggles, make those memories.

All they need is love and attention. Knowing your there for them is their entire world. Don’t try to be anything other than who you are. That’s enough for your family.

I think a not so prefect life is really something beautiful. Yes, I have a messy house most of the time, yes my car looks like a bomb went off in it daily. But I’m there as my kids are making memories, playing, learning and just being a kid. As hard as it is we don’t cry over spilled milk. I try to remember it’s something that can be cleaned up later. But you can’t remake a memory.

Lets stop trying to keep up with the Jones’ and just simply simplify.